Thursday, October 28, 2010




Although the intention was to spend my entire break in boston, plans as they always do, changed. 2 days in boston. 1 day in philly. Went to the delphia to visit my other half. Dying without her. Victoria Kaufman. Maztrocity. The trip was actually a disaster (in the best way). Got Robbed. Bye phone. Bye Cash. Got a ticket. GPS grew a mind of it's own. Worst. But all in all, worth it. Took some good photos in center city, insomnia cookied our faces off, and became best friends with a verizon rep. Or possibly enemies. He either really hated us or really loved us. I pick love. Trip resulted with a new black berry and a pair of extremely worn in heels. Which are shockingly comfortable for the fact that theyre decently cheap. Recommended to everyone. Cheap, comfortable, and easy to get a hold of. Definitely require care though. Not the most well made shoe out there.

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  1. What do you mean early bird special....

    These are great, love you beautiful!

    Don't forget the two free frisbees we received at Verizon that were worse that wham-os.
    Does that go under good or bad things that happened to us? Possibly bad.