Thursday, November 18, 2010


This post almost defies meaningless. No, That actually isn't true. Close, but no. Magenta and Blue. Not sure why but every photo i edit lately leans in either direction. Sometimes even both. All of these were edited on iphoto. Piece of crap but you can actually make some moves with it. Number one rule. Edit your photo, drop it to your desktop, and then drag it back in. Your iPhoto then sees this image as a new file and lets you start from scratch so you can continue to edit over and over. Some of these i had to drag out and transfer back in up to 8 times. Worth it though. Magenta and Blue. All day.

Monday, November 15, 2010

edith minturn sedgwick.

I have enough pictures of edie saved that i could blog on just her alone for the rest of my life. These are just a collection of my favorites. I look to her not as a role model but more as a lesson. If you aren't aware of her story, its worth reading. As in a book. Go to the Library and get a book. I often don't enjoy movies that recreate a true story, but Factory Girl did a pretty good job at recreating her whole world. So yes, you should watch it. Every last one of you.

So here she is. My personal favorite when it comes to fashion icons. Disgustingly dark eyebrows, heavy eye liner, the fake mole, huge earrings (and often just one), ballet tights, and short bleached hair. All her. Trademark. Oh the things i would go through to bring her back and just have 10 minutes with her. Or 1000. So many questions.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

dashboard. pan up. rear view. pan down.

I decided to do an eensy little series on the little trinkets that hang from my rear view. Although the dream catcher is the focal point of most of these shots each pendant holds significance, mainly being where I got them. Typically I find rear view decoration to be tacky. But, i enjoy my little assemblage. It's my little collage of places. The wooden knot was purchased in Cancun when my family went over a year ago. Sort of reminds me of my grandparents and it will often drive my car in their direction when I see it.  The circular tribal pendant is also from Mexico, except it's from Ensenada. This one more reminds me of my youth, due to the fact that I purchased it around my first year of high school. More of the stress relieving trinket I suppose. Then we have the Jade necklace. IN LOVE with this thing. My dear sister got for me as a birthday present awhile back. I know it's from Africa but I’m not sure about which country. Reminder of the sister of course. Who is not just the sister, but the closest friend I've ever had. Finally the dream catcher. Favorite thing. I've thought seriously about wearing it as an earring but it's a little heavy. I found it in a van in Colorado, which is also where my brother lives. (In the state, not the van.) It reminds me of him, which I need seeing as I only get to see him twice a year. It also just looks fantastic, feels fantastic, and make me feel fantastic. Boom. So here it is. My little mobile. Like a sculptural photo album. In all different light, day, and color.