Monday, November 15, 2010

edith minturn sedgwick.

I have enough pictures of edie saved that i could blog on just her alone for the rest of my life. These are just a collection of my favorites. I look to her not as a role model but more as a lesson. If you aren't aware of her story, its worth reading. As in a book. Go to the Library and get a book. I often don't enjoy movies that recreate a true story, but Factory Girl did a pretty good job at recreating her whole world. So yes, you should watch it. Every last one of you.

So here she is. My personal favorite when it comes to fashion icons. Disgustingly dark eyebrows, heavy eye liner, the fake mole, huge earrings (and often just one), ballet tights, and short bleached hair. All her. Trademark. Oh the things i would go through to bring her back and just have 10 minutes with her. Or 1000. So many questions.

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  1. The only picture of her I need is the one that is currently the background on my phone. Bandaged burnt hands, looking miz, right after her apartment fire. A reminder that her life wasn't as glamorous as we all wanted it to be.

    But I still love her.