Wednesday, December 29, 2010

branches will untie.

Now the snow will fall and the lover's call
Will be drenched out by the shatterin' of birds
As the seasoned shifts lonely minds will drift
On the ocean in a build above its lore
As I knock your door from inside once more
How I wish a soothin' breeze would let me in
Shake my tambourine at your glowing dreams
So honey won't you let me in, oh

As we cease to know where our fate will go
We won't see the rivers tied up in the vines
Branches will untie every mumblin' lie
Every frayed word in your lullaby is heard
Oh when I catch the force of our fist divorce
How I wish the turning suset could record
Blow my engine steam at your glowin' dreams
So honey won't you let me in, oh

Now the dust will rise, dress the olden skies
Just a gallery of words we've used them much
It's a feathers weight but what if it's too late
To be building up our muscles in distract
Put me on the mornin' ship and I will take the trip
To return with all the treasures of the past
It will always seem like a glowin' dream
So honey won't you let me in
I said honey won't you let me in, oh

"Honey Won't You Let Me In"

Monday, December 27, 2010

the average evening.

I documented one of our many nights spents at my dear anthony's house. This is the typical evening.  None of you need details. The house is completely 60's. I have a crush on it. Need we even talk about the obsession i have to the white leather couches from italy? I think not. This specific night involved bed martial arts. Thank you Shakira. Enjoyed playing around with the faux diamond. Enjoyed the comforters.

Anthony, my friend, one day i will rob you of all your foreign items.

shutterspeed playground.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

THIS christmas.

One hour and twenty nine minutes. And then, yet again, another year long wait till next christmas. This year's was good. Just good. They used to be excellent but the problem is i'm growing up.  Every year they go by quicker, and feel less and less real. It's strange. Yesterday I had to drive around my town and convince myself that it was christmas eve. It just doesn't feel like it anymore. Even when i put on that god-awful santa hat. This post is not just about today, but the past few, because now that I think about it, theyve all been christmas. Christmas is undefiniable, but customizeable. It's sort of whatever each individual person makes it to be. For me, it changes. And this is the first time that I don't really know what it was. I documented it. You decide.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

wooden closets, suede heels, leather straps.

Another shoot as a result of boredom. Actually no, it wasn't just the boredom. New heels. Yeah that happened. Forever 21 gave me a classy pair of 6 in. wedges. Also wood grain. I was sitting on my bed looking at my closet doors and realized i needed a small series involving them and a figure, and like usual i was the only one around or willing so i volunteered myself. Nothing too exciting, but i really enjoyed playing with the line ups of things. Ex: the mirrors.

spare time.

Breathing is interesting. I hadn't really done it at all until now. There's just been way too much going on. I finally have time to work on this thing. The posts will get better I promise. This shoot was just fun for me because of the makeup. I don't even like how it looks, I just enjoy the act of doing it. Like a painting but it's on my face. So i did some insane eye work, and documented it. The next 2 1/2 weeks should bring me some spare time. Spare time means more posts. Stay tuned.