Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It's Boston Baby.

Seth Darling, Why must you live ever so far from me.

Over break Alex, Anthony and I decided we needed to wear in my car and take a trip. Obviously chose to visit Seth in the loveliest city, Boston. Fabulous trip. We stumbled upon a Good Will that was literally a gold mine. Blew some major cash. I was so insanely close to buying this fur coat, until I realized that the lining was so shredded that I wasn't even able to put my arms in the sleeves without immense trouble. Still having dreams about it. Yeah, regret. That happens. Things that did make the trip back with me: vintage suede headband, vintage wide-brimmed hat, studded leather belt (currently finding it's use as a bracelet), cream knitted shaw/poncho (best combination out there), oversized sweater, and an authentic native american poncho (which I have been using as a scarf).
Table at Urban. I'm making one.

Also shopped Newbury Street. LF boston. WHAT DO YOU MEAN. This store shouldn't even be legal. It's wrong. Best selection of Jeffrey Campbell's. NEED the lita lace up. Can't decide if I wan't them in black, tan, or blue. This place needs to be in my closet. Just the store, as my closet.
Enamel: American Apparel, Jeans: Levi's, Heels: Sam Edelman.

Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, Lucky Brand, White Elephant Antiques.

Staying at Seth's in Allston was this summer all over again. Lucky Boy. He has the best set up. His place is marvelous. Loved the loft. And the vintage floral chairs. Also visiting with Danny and playing music in the living room and eating rice. For hours. He keeps telling me to live there, and maybe I just will.

On our way home we took an exit to grab some food and came across an amazing sculpture garden. Very modern. The work was great. Slight industrial feel. A literal playground for art majors. Ending this entry with my favorite image of the trip. Alex darling, rock those urban glasses.


  1. The two nips ring... love it...reminds me of two sips...

  2. haha ^

    your new camera is the best.... reading ur blog makes me feel like i live with a famous person..

    im glad your my rumi..

  3. Hey it's me!

    I had such a great trip, I'm loving all the amazing pictures we took.