Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Three Hundred & Sixty Five Days Later.

I spent this past weekend in Philadelphia. Always an enjoyable visit. Victoria, Emma and I went to The Philadelphia Museum of Art. Fantastic. Gained a new respect for Dali. Madly dissapointed by the fact that they had no work by Rauschenberg, and by the fact that 7 different Museum Guards asked me to wear my backpack on one shoulder. As far as Rauschenberg goes, I will see plenty of him in NYC tomorrow. The backpack, well it resides on both shoulders again. When I was at the museum I was reflecting on my own work, and realized It has been a solid year since I have created something that I truly just love. No. Not Right. The two above are some of the last moments of love for my art. They're  quite tiny. Little baby pieces. The one below is a collage piece as well. Much larger. 2 x 6 ft. possibly? I want to do more collage work. Correction. I need to do more collage work. Larger pieces. Garage door. Donations?
An art major that doesn't like her art. Isn't that funny? Or disgusting. Both? Yes. 

Modern Art Museum tomorrow. 

Let's charge some batteries.

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  1. I've realized that recently too. It's a little different with graphic design because most of the stuff I do will be for other people, but I it's hard to stay motivated when you don't like your own stuff.

    (I really like the 2nd one, by the way)