Friday, April 8, 2011

you're killing me sam.

I am having the HARDEST time with these. I've made a vow to cut back on my shoe intake, and then Sam Edelman comes out with these. They are retailed at $225.00. So OF COURSE I found them on sale at free people for $70.00. That's unheard of. I negotiated with myself and decided to sit on it for a day. I came to the conclusion that I would buy them, so i go to order them and they're out of stock. WDYM. These wedges are seriously perfect. They could go any way you asked them to. I'm getting them at some point, i don't how long i'm going to have to wait, but it will happen. I doubt they'll ever replace my zoe's though, because those boots are the best thing he's ever designed. FACT.

Oh and speaking of the zoe boot, he's coming out with a tan version for the spring. The price isn't listed yet, but theres a preview of them on LF. Take a peak.

Would it be excessive if I had them in every color?


I mean, yeah.

Yeah it would.

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